The GE Interlogix Advisor One security system has been discontinued by the manufacture. The Advisor was had much hype before its release date. It was suppose to be one of the first all-in-one security systems to offer multiple partitions. It sported a beautiful 7 inch touchscreen display with and easy to use user driven navigation system among st other awesome features. Some of the downsides to this panel that we believe led to this panel discontinuation was it didn't work with interactive services and it required a special central station receiver that a lot of companies no longer have an Osborne Hoffman net deck receiver. 

If you happen to have a Advisor One panel there is one bit of information that is good to know. The wireless sensors and devices that you have programmed into your panel can be re-learned into a few wireless systems that work with services. 

1) Qolsys Iq Panel 2 Plus - Make sure to get either the GE Interlogix Compatible Versions AT&T or Verizon

2) GE Interlogix Simon XT

3) GE Interlogix Simon XTi

4) GE Interlogix Simon XTi-5i