Yes, monitoring service's work with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus door locks as long as you sign up for the advanced monitoring plan. Read below where we have listed what you can do when you connect Z-Wave door locks into your compatible security system.

With Service's activated Z-Wave locks, users can:

  • See lock status and remotely lock/unlock¬†via the Customer Website or mobile app.

    Note: Remote lock/unlock is not supported on the Schlage BE369 Deadbolt Lock.
  • Receive email/text/push notifications when:
    • A lock is locked
    • A lock is unlocked
    • A lock is unlocked by a specific user
    • An incorrect code is entered at the lock multiple times (tamper)
  • Set up automated locking/unlocking based on system arming/disarming.
  • Set up automated arming/disarming based on locking/unlocking.
  • Trigger a video recording when locking/unlocking.

Note: These features require the Locks feature add-on for Basic/Advanced Interactive service packages. They are also included in the Interactive Gold service package. FAQ's