No, services are not a free service. It is a subscription based remote software that was created to allow homeowner's remote control of their compatible security systems.

There are two ways homeowners can get services activated. The first way is called DIY monitoring services. DIY monitoring is where the homeowner bypasses the need to have central station monitoring so, in the event of a triggered alarm event homeowners will get a text/email to their smart devices. Once this happens it is up to the homeowner to contact the property authorities such as police, fire or medical services depending on what type of alarm event was triggered. Even though DIY monitoring doesn't utilize a professional central station it still holds a small monthly fee in order to gain access to the app. DIY monitoring rates start at $13/month no long-term-contract.

The Second way a homeowner can gain access to services is when professional monitoring services already exist. Many customers already have alarm monitoring services activated with their security system so in the event of a triggered alarm event the signals are sent to a live central monitoring station such as GeoArm. Once the alarm signals are received by a live operator, they will reach out to the emergency contact list that the homeowner has provided. If everyone on the emergency contact list fails to answer the calls or gives a wrong false alarm password live operator contact the exact authorizes to the specific location based on what type of alarm event was triggered. In most cases these types of customers eventually want to be able to get text/email notifications, remotely arm/disarm system, control z-wave automation devices and obtain cloud video storage for their compatible security cameras. services can simply be added to your account to allow for all of these additional features to begin. GeoArm is known to have the lowest rates in the world with rates starting at $18/month with no long-term-contracts including both central stations monitoring and the app.

Look below to learn more about services as well as what the difference is between Professional and DIY alarm monitoring services. FAQ's