Yes, there are some Honeywell security system's that work with the app. GeoArm has taken the time to comprise a master list of all Honeywell compatible control panel's below. The module that allows for usage of the app with Honeywell security systems is call the SEM or system enhancement module. 

When this module was first released it was delegated for use on the older 3g/4g towers. Now that cellular companies such as Verizon and ATT are removing the 3G/4G technology by 2023, alarm manufactures such as and Honeywell are no longer allowing activation's of that older technology. Instead, home owners must purchase the latest LTE SEM module

Once a homeowner decides to add and SEM to the Honeywell security system it unlocks tons of cool features. The SEM module comes with a built in z-wave radio that will allow for connection of z-wave home automation devices. In addition the SEM module will also let homeowners add security cameras to the mix with cloud storage abilities. 

Here are all of the Honeywell Vista Compatible Alarm Control Panels as promised. 

Honeywell Vista-10p Panel’s

Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-10P


First Alert FA130CP

First Alert FA130CPSIA

Honeywell Vista-15p Panel’s

Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-15P


First Alert FA148CP

First Alert FA148CPSIA

Honeywell Vista-20p Panel’s

Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-20P


First Alert FA168CPS

First Alert FA168CPSSIA

The Honeywell SEM is also compatible with the 
VISTA-21iP if the Internal IP/GSM Jumper is set in the OFF position.