The following video devices are compatible with Video Analytics:

  • 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera (ADC-V723)
  • Indoor Fixed w/IR (ADC-V522IR)
  • Outdoor Wireless (ADC-V722W) - This is a discontinued product and longer sold but, they are compatible with video analytics.
  • 180° HD Camera (ADC-V622)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mini Bullet (ADC-VC726)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Dome (ADC-VC826)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Turret Camera (ADC-VC836)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera (ADC-VC736)

Use Video Analytics to detect and record people/animals/vehicles that pass through or linger in areas of interest. 

Note: Some video devices require calibration before being able to enable a Video Analytics rule. FAQ's